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Table area                                                                                      550x1370mm

Clamping area                                                                               410x1130mm

Quill stroke                                                                                               270mm

Head traverse                                                                                           640mm

Spindle 2x rates

Longitudinal setting on the table                                                        1300mm

Cross setting                                                                                           65mm

Column to centre line of spindle                                                         450mm

Spindle to table  max                                                                            1200mm

Spindle to table min                                                                                500mm

Capacity with SUNNEN AN HEAD                                                     63-152 mm

With Robbi heads other sizes

Equipped with: oil pump, honing heads including SUNNEN type AN, work supports

  • Quick removal / installation of the honing head.
  • Telescopic spindle for quick selection of the hone head working position by height.
  • Quick adjustment of the hone head upper and lower end positions during honing.
  • Ability to easily adjust the hone head.

Rigid feeding expansion of the stones with automatic or manual adjustment, the possibility of using different hone heads, including SUNNEN

  • Specs
Tool Series AN Series
Shank Length (in) 6
Min Diameter (in) 2.5
Shank Length (mm) 152
Max Diameter (in) 6.5
Min Diameter (mm) 63.5
Max Diameter (mm) 165
Abr Length (in) 4
Abr Length (mm) 102



The honing process: installation of hone head, adjustment of end points, honing, diameter measurement